Under Construction

(or, What to See when there is Nothing to See)

Greetings!  I am the author.  Obviously.  This little project is going to get underway soon, so in the meantime, I’ll tell you a little about what it is, and what it isn’t.

First, what it is!  This blog is a place for me to share my ridiculous opinions on things and keep my word muscles toned and ready for a fight.  I suppose from time to time I may discuss matters of importance like politics, philosophy, and global events, but more often than not, I’ll write about video games, music, and the unique set of joys and challenges facing intelligent young women of a geekly persuasion who are forced to work in jobs they are overqualified for so they can continue to survive on ramen and their roommates’ leftovers while waiting for that dream job their kindergarten teachers spoke of to come around and growing increasingly too old to wear  their video game reference tees in public.  Sometimes, I will draw pictures.  Sometimes, I will simply direct you to things written by people cleverer than I.  And sometimes, I will engage in unscrupulous grammarcide like that run-on sentence above.

Now, what it isn’t!  This is not a webcomic.  That will become apparent as the doodles I produce appear few and far between, separated by lots and lots of writing.  This is not a theme blog, either.  If I want to write a video game review one week and post a recipe for pie the next, I’ll do it!  (She really will!  She’s crazy!)  Finally, this is not something I’m really writing to serve any grand purpose or generate any kind of following.  I write first for myself, second, to entertain others.  As such, there is also no set schedule of what and when I’m going to post new material.  Maybe I’ll make this a bit more ambitious in the future, but for now, let’s keep things casual.  I’m not ready to rush into any kind of commitment.

That said, I hope I manage to entertain at least some of you.  All four or five of you who find this.  Cheers!

– EB